November Notes

Personal / Tuesday, November 13th, 2018


The rain finally landed in the desert. It’s time to switch wardrobes. This means we can go out even in the afternoon without worrying my make up’s going to melt. No more taxi rides because we can walk for 15 minutes away from any metro station. More tourist spots are opened as well.

Starting this month I would be publishing monthly to-do lists as inspired by Ms. Michelle of Daisybutter. In this way I can keep track of what needs to be done and also a little pressure because I post it online and people are reading. Ha!

Well met, November.

  1. Wake up at the exact time of sunrise and share a great photograph of it.
  2. Do a morning walk and find the nearest bus stop my dad was always talking about.
  3. Score some cheaper sweaters. Shop in Brands for Less instead of Forever21 and H&M.
  4. Watch more Holiday related movies on Netflix and let myself feel the spirit of Christmas again.
  5. Finish reading the 3 books I started last month. Keep up on my 2018 reading challenge.

Mind sharing me your to-do list/goals this month?

Love & Light,

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