Hello, 2018.

Lifestyle / Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Goodbye 2017, it was a blast. Thank you because it felt like everything was in place and I am about to welcome the new year with a fresh start. Honestly, the past few years were a bit harder on me and there will always be something about new years that makes me feel like I can start over again. I never did NY resolutions (except if it was a school requirement) because I know in myself I won’t ever take actions for those things to happen but reading other people’s are what I like to do. That is why this 2018, I’m participating to do it and would try my very best to carry it throughout the whole year. At the end of 2018, I would want me:

To be financially independent.

At the beginning of the year, the road I want to hit is being financially independent. The state of much more than having money, where I would be in control of my finances instead of it controlling me. There’s so much relief when you know that whenever you stop, or whenever you get tired, your savings can catch you for a while. And since I have a long-term plan of migrating into some country I still don’t know yet (of course I knew it already, just don’t want to jinx it); having a good amount of money would be the number one requirement. As easy it seems, I know it’s hard to attain this first goal, but we all can try.

To invest more in me and never stop learning.

In order to achieve the first goal, I should learn to stop on spending things that don’t have a return on investment. Stop buying things just for the sake of owning them. Weigh my needs and wants because most of the time, we all think that we need it all. Our investment shouldn’t be always based on numbers in the bank or how fast you can keep up with today’s technology. Read books or articles, attend classes, workshops or seminars that would expand your knowledge and skills for your business or personal life. This is something I think I would enjoy because I love doing something new and productive as well.

To always choose to be happy.

As what Ralph Marston once said “Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” With that said, life is full of choices and choose to be happy because you deserve it, heck we all deserve it. A lot of bad things are going to happen to you because that’s part of nature’s way of balancing things but you would only have two options: to either handle it well and positively or make your life miserable and full of negativity. When you choose happiness, the rest comes easy.

To give back how much I receive. 

How do you give back to those people who have helped you and stayed with you through the good times and bad? I honestly have no idea. For this new year, we can maybe give them back something. Appreciation would be nice, but if we also help and have their backs when they need an extra, that would be better. When I receive so much goodness, I tend to be selfish and rude to not share it with others. What life made me realize is that even a small piece of happiness, when shared with people can become a whole and different kind of happiness for them. Follow the process and don’t break the cycle.

To take more care of my health and well being.

Last year I had a total of 5 emergency attacks because of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and had an open appendectomy. Think of all the pain I had gone through, all those nights I would cry because medicine alone can’t make me feel better. That became my body’s wake up call for me. With that experience, I was able to control my sugar cravings and stopping my habit of one-sitting-eat-all-you-can chips. It made me more aware that my body needs help, needs nutrition, and proper care. I now wouldn’t mind spending my money shopping for vitamins and fruits. I only have one life to look for.

To live my life outside the internet and seek more adventures.

Life is better when there’s a thrill. Going out more often would make us all socialize and it’s way better when we put our phone down and talk in real person rather than through smartphones. Take time to leave technology and enjoy nature. Travel places I have never been into, meet new people, learn their culture, and appreciate it. Hiking, night camp with a friend or family, or do anything fun under the sun.

The things that I have listed above may seem too general but don’t worry because I narrowed it down and made it specific to my journal. I hope I somehow helped or inspired you to decide on which things you want to change and improve for this year, and I would love to know some of yours too by writing it on the comment section.

Welcome to our best year so far.

Love & Light,

Photo credits: Angelo Wagan

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