A Week of Favorites

Life / Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

The past few weeks have been wonderful for me. Not only I am counting down days until I come home, but everything around me seems great. One morning on a full-packed errand day while I was drinking my morning tea, I was able to use my camera again. Before that, I was thinking what blog series to put up so I will feel obliged to post once a week.

I thought of doing weekly favorites of random things. It can be a playlist, or a food, anything under the sun. It’s inspired by some international bloggers I look up to and find inspiration from. Every week I would pick 3 favorites, explain why I liked it and leave links from where I got it so you can have it too.

1. Twining’s Chamomile Tea with Honey and Vanilla:  After almost a week of hunting a tea that would fit my taste, I searched this drink that would help in my GERD and constipation problems. I love it to the point that I crave it in the morning. I’m not a fan of drinking hot teas, so sometimes I would let it cool first and then add ice. What I learned from drinking it is to never soak the bag for more than 3 minutes because it would taste bitter. 2. Palette Perfect by Lauren Wager: A recent purchase at Kinokuniya. This book has different color palettes that complement each other depending on the mood you are going to create. It also has sample pictures of the palette you are recreating which also gives an additional guide. It’s helpful in doing digital design/art, style, and illustration. Angelo also liked this book so it is a win-win.

3. CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence: I am loving anything that has snail slime in it. It makes my skin soft and plump, especially in the morning. I can also skip moisturizer whenever I use this essence. I also use the CosRX Morning Gel Cleanser and it doesn’t disappoint! The Vitamin C helped in brightening my dark spots, mostly where my pimples used to sit. Although the result was slow, it’s effective.

PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Twining Chamomile Tea / Palette Perfect / CosRX Snail Essence

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