Staying Inspired

Life / Friday, May 18th, 2018

Sometimes when sudden feelings or negative emotions rushes in, that is where we feel discouraged and dull. It’s hard to find motivation to do anything creatively. Here are some ways on how I remain inspired:

1. Music. Happy, sad, scared or mad, I always blast out music in my room. Ever since I was a kid this has helped me in some ways. LimeWire was my drug back then. I love listening to RnB/Blues/Contemporary and Pop genres.

2. Writing in my bullet journal. Inspired or not, I find it helpful to plan out how my day/week would go. On my bullet journal I have a page dedicated to the things I am grateful for. On my lowest or uninspired days, looking back at it helps a lot.

3. Vlogs, tv shows, movies. Being at home far away from home gives so much anxiety and I find comfort in my screen. I also find inspiration in some youtube communities. (also discovering good music whenever I watch videos, a playlist is a score!)

4. Pinterest. If you would have a look on my account you would laugh on all the searches I made. This app holds pretty much everything I need. It’s like my digital magazine.

5. Instagram. I consider this app as something you can find inspiration and at the same time something that can drain you out. I enjoyed it before but now I just spend some time in this app mostly viewing my friends’ stories and the profiles where I get my inspiration from.  (and also the cute babies of celebrities!)

6. Quotes. This I can find in almost every social media platform that I have. Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, name it. But the best ones are on Goodreads where you can also find a book where the quotation was from.

7. Creating a favorite space. One factor of staying inspired for me is the environment I am living in. Whatever I do not like, I change it. And that includes my desk/vanity area. I design the space that it alters my mood, productivity, basically everything. Out of sight out of mind, indeed.

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