Mermaid Wanders at Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

Travel / Saturday, June 25th, 2016

My last hurrah in summer was spent in the beautiful Island of Cagbalete.

It was almost an hour boat ride from Mauban Quezon. The last time we went on a summer vacation with the whole clan, it was in Batangas that time around 2005 (as far as I can remember) and we were complete back then. This summer, we were able to manage to go on a short summer trip but still incomplete because of the daily hustle of working and also because of having their own separate lives, and spending time with their own families.

Getting there: We left our house at exactly 5:00 am and we reached Nagcarlan at 7:00 am. (Disclosure: this is a very long car ride especially when you’re coming from Manila)

As we reached Mauban Port, we immediately booked a boat ticket but sadly when you arrive late (in the weekend) you’ll be departing from the port late in the afternoon as the public boat can only carry 60 passengers and the boat ride takes 45 minutes heading to the Island and another 45 minutes to get back to the Port. The good point there is that they’re really strict on imposing their rules that you can’t push yourself to the ride when it reaches the maximum passenger level. Your patience will really be tested. Since we arrived late (11:00 am) and we don’t want to wait that long because we’ll only spend one night there and we have kids with us that were already excited to swim, we rented a private boat that can carry 20 passengers. It costed P 5,000.

My Aunt booked a room in Joven’s Beach Resort for the family since we brought our grandmother with us while we started to assemble our tents outside. Don’t worry if you’re only sleeping in a tent because there are public comfort rooms around the resort. The downside in this island is that electricity runs from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am only, meaning you can’t do anything when the sun is at its’ steak which is also a good thing since you can really enjoy the place and spend the time with your family/friends. During our stay we played Scrabble (P 50/hour) and I watched my cousins play Volleyball (P 50/hour). At night (if it’s a weekend) there’s a live band playing at their mini bar but the drinks and chips were expensive.

Overall, the trip was fun and adventurous. Hopping from one boat to another since large boats can’t reach the shoreline.


  1. Bring everything you can since all the goods that they’re selling are expensive (double/triple priced).
  2. . You can already book a room in advance inside the Port and you can choose where to stay since all the beach resort’s representatives were present there.
  3.  Be VIGILANT.
    • (A) We were tricked by the boatman where we transferred to a small boat in order to reach the shoreline saying that we need to pay them but the truth is, the private boat that we rented already paid him.
    • (B) We rented 2 private boats since we were 24 and the boat’s capacity is just 20. We rented 2 private boats; the other 4 in a small boat. To our surprise, the boatman is still allowing other passengers to ride in the boat we rented.
  4.  Disconnect and have fun.

Here’s my vlog on my Cagbalete Island Trip;

‘Till my next adventure!

Love & Light,

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