Mermaid Wanders at Aklan, Boracay

Travel / Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Roll it on, summer!

Before I start my blog post, here’s a photo of me and my dad when we first landed our feet on the paradise beach of Boracay. Back then, there were a little number of establishment in the beachfront, the water is crystal clear, and the sand is powdery white. Oh and a lot of palm trees, too.

For this year’s family summer getaway, we decided to go back to this paradise. There was an ongoing promo in Cebu Pacific, a P499/pax flight from Kalibo to Manila (and vice versa.) but we ran out of the flight KLB to MNL so we only got the trip back to MNL. I prepared this trip with the help of my parents, financially speaking. I arranged the place where we’re going to stay for 4 days and 3 nights and also the trip going to Boracay, considering 2Go Travel as our transportation to go there.

We left the house at 2 pm, headed to Batangas Port and our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to Boracay was 8 in the morning. Our trip was 1 hour delayed, but everything’s cool since the place where we waited for boarding was air conditioned and cleanliness was maintained.

Photo Collage: Summary of my trip

Day 1 and 2 were spent at the beach. The best time to swim is in the morning, particularly 7 am to 10 pm where the sun is still harmless but even if the rays of the sun are not visible I advise you to apply a sunblock. We had our lunch (day 1) at Astoria Hotel because they had a free buffet lunch for the opening of their new branch in Boracay, Station 1. At noontime, we stayed in our place, Bambooze House, to have some rest and catch some sleep.

On the following day, we also had our morning dip in the sea and had our breakfast outside with the same schedule as yesterday, but only we tried to paddle using a Kayak. Our lunch was in Boracay Toilet, yes toilet. Not literally that you’ll eat shit, but the design of the tables and chairs, including the plates, are the things that you can see inside a comfort room.

Time really do flies so fast as we are now on our third night and last day. This day was spent taking pictures and Polaroid everywhere on the beach. Mom and I were enjoying the view while my dad and my younger siblings are swimming in the middle of the summer heat. In the night, we strolled around in D’Mall to buy some pasalubong for our family and friends back home. Almost everything’s pricey there, so if you’re planning to buy pearls, I suggest you buy along the beach, to the vendors, rather than spending a lot in D’Mall (plus, it’s a big help for the vendors and you could see it in their smiles).

On the 14th of April was our scheduled flight back home, 7 am in the Caticlan Airport. We had a little stop outside because mom saw a small store that sells cheap food pasalubong. Cebu Pacific plane flew early and there were a lot of vacant seats back then.

Saying goodbye in a place so wonderful is such a bittersweet feeling. During takeoff, I was thinking if I will be able to go back next year, or if I would try to go to a different destination. One that I haven’t been on. To sum it up, this family trip was memorable to me. We were complete. We were one.

You can watch the travel vlog I made on youtube:

‘Til my next adventure!

Love & Light,

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